Problem or solution?

Do you continue to find problems in your life – or are you described by your family, friends and even at work as the person always looking for problems or finding them? Perhaps you know someone just like that.

There’s a chance this could be the executing talent – Restorative ®. According to the Clifton StrengthsFinder ® someone who has high Restorative ® as a strength is very good at solving problems. With the emphasis on finding the solution. And when resourceful they are awesome solutions.

Often the ‘problem’ for these talented people, is many may not be given the opportunity to articulate the solution, because once they mention the problem they’re cut off, shut down and condemned for being negative.

Often becoming insecure and believing they are simply problem makers. However, their energy comes from solutions – the opportunity to seek problems purely so they can solve them. This is a talent and when harnessed and nurtured can develop into an almighty strength.

Imagine someone (if not yourself) with this undeveloped talent in a workplace?

A colleague who’s constantly pointing out the problems at work. They appear to not be engaged and often actively disengaged. If this person is not given the opportunity to provide solutions they’ll self-destruct. They are naturally great at finding solutions – give them the chance.

How do you know how to manage someone with high Restorative?

We interviewed international strengths coach, Sarah Dena as she has Restorative as her #1 talent. Boy does she know how to produce a solution! Better known as ‘the Rock’, Sarah explains how she masters her superpower to help you learn more about this awesome talent.

You can read about this awesome talent in this individual companion guide. The guide offers you a greater understanding of Why you need to learn about this talent, How Sarah identifies with the talent and how you can develop it. Then What you do with your new knowledge is up to you. Included are some great questions to challenge you to implement this talent into your life. Enjoy and remember to focus on your strengths.

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This little eBook is is used as a companion guide for the Udemy Course, Focus On Your Strengths – How to Develop Talents into Strengths. Simply reading this book will broaden your understanding of the talent, however completing the online course will give you the opportunity to develop all your talents.

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