BP10™ – Builder Profile 10

“Everybody has talent, it’s just a matter of moving around until you’ve discovered what it is.”

George Lucas

Instead of asking the question, “what do you do?” a more compelling question is “what are you trying to build?”. Whether it be:

  • Building a successful business
  • Building a stronger team
  • Building lasting relationships
  • Building an empire

The BP10™ is yet another awesome tool designed and developed by Gallup inc® with 30 years of research and studies into business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. As of December 2018, Danny Crouch is one of only 11 Australians qualified to train and deliver this business building tool and we are proud to offer it to elite and executive teams. Combined with the Clifton StrengthsFinder®, the BP10 is a must for any team wanting to improve communication, form stronger relationships and increase productivity and profitability.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder® is designed to identify an individuals natural patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. The outcome to strive for excellence in performance in every aspect of their life.

The BP10™ is designed to identify an individuals innate business talents. The outcome to perform at a level of excellence in team and business related tasks.

The BP10™ identifies one’s builder talents ranked in order from one to ten as well as identifying one of three builder’s roles. Knowing and understanding these talents and roles increases the effectiveness and efficiency of teams and individuals, whether it be in sport, business or family.

Initially it is imperative to identify the roles within a team, which may be either a Rainmaker, Conductor or Expert. Having a well-rounded team will involve at least one of each roles in any team. For example, you may find in a sales team they are heavily loaded with Rainmakers and Conductors and may lack an expert. Whereas, an IT team may be abundant of Experts and lacking in Rainmakers and/or Conductors. 

The three builders roles are described as:


A Rainmaker is someone who exudes self confidence in their capacity to be successful and are always open to a moneymaking opportunity. They excel at sales and marketing and are seen as masters of promotion. They generally have a clear and aggressive growth strategy and measure their success through profitability and productivity of the team. They are predominantly comfortable with risk and perceive potential threats positively and manage those risks analytically and rationally. With great persuasion they know how to energise customers, teammates and those around them, especially with their vision of the future. They also have the natural talent to form authentic relationships with customers and teammates which helps achieve those team and business goals.



A Conductor possess great management talent, similar to an orchestral conductor, brings order and harmony to the chaos of a team. They build a team or business by championing its people and take pride in finding the right people for the right positions. Trusting in others allows them to delegate with ease and success. They challenge the status-quo and with great confidence are comfortable acting on their own, regardless of what others think. When something needs doing, they get it done, even when challenges eventuate. They are fixated on growth metrics and hold themselves and their team accountable for the goals that they set.



An Expert will set the bar high for themselves and will focus on knowledge and breakthrough discoveries. Being the best is their field is crucial for their success. They are highly independent and constantly push beyond current thinking. They never accept the status quo and continuously imagine new and wondrous possibilities. They have an endless persistence and unbridled determination where quitting is never an option. They dedicate themselves to improving products and services and constantly search for better ways to differentiate an organisation in the market. An Expert is comfortable working as both part artist, part scientist. 



Once the builders roles are determined, it is then time to unpack the innate builder talents within the individuals. Gallup have identified ten builder talents within individuals and rank them in order, focusing mainly on their top four. Combined with their Clifton StrengthsFinder® top 5 results, the team may then unite to aim their individual talents toward any task or project required. Similar to the Clifton StrengthsFinder®, their will be clusters of similarity, however utilising both tools within a team will identify their strengths and what may be lacking. The compelling results define a successful team is one which covers all ten talents and has the ability to use each talent to its maximum potential. The builders talents are described as follows:


People who are especially talented in the Confidence talent are well aware of their own abilities, they know themselves well. They have the keen awareness to take quick and decisive action and have a strong self-belief. They jump at opportunities knowing success is imminent even when faced with uncertainty and even failure. They are aware they have the talents to be a successful business builder and can convince others of their ability to achieve positive results. In a team environment they’re likely to be the creators and innovators, eager to be early market movers and are evangelists of commercialising new products.


People who are especially talented in the Delegator talent trust and empower others to hep grow their team.They recognise and appreciate the team and individuals strengths and position them to be responsible for tasks they’re more likely to excel at. They easily delegate authority and are comfortable relinquishing control because they’re more focused on the success and growth of the team. They recognise the success of a team requires a shift from a ‘do it alone’ style to a ‘allow others to shine’ style. In a team environment they’re likely to be the drivers of engagement and motivation amongst the team. They will instigate higher productivity within the team.


People who are especially talented in the Determination talent are tenacious with pursuing their goals and exhibit an outstanding work ethic. They are highly committed to success and keen to act quickly. They are inspired to turn challenges and adversity into opportunities for success and are capable of recovering from setbacks. They can see beyond the barriers and envision a brighter future. They will do whatever it takes to achieve their team goals. In a team environment they’re likely to be the ones who first recognise opportunity. They will energise teammates and help them drive towards the success of their goals.


People who are especially talented in the Disruptor talent are driven by curiosity which enables them to imagine new ideas and solutions. Being quick learners allows them to explore different options and create innovative solutions to anticipate their team and customers needs. They have the unique talent to develop an idea and quickly transform it into opportunities to generate revenue and stay ahead of the competition. They work best when allowed the freedom of creativity and able to conjure up multiple ideas after ideas. In a team environment they’re likely to be the ones to initiate a team moving in new directions. They are market disruptors, who have the ability to capture market shares before others. Often ahead of their time.


People who are especially talented in the Independence talent are more likely to want to operate single-handedly. They rely on high energy and are extremely committed to succeed in the everyday grind of a business environment. They firmly believe their own actions are the responsibility of any outcome, which holds them accountable and motivated to make things happen. They are multitaskers who believe they’re the best person for the task at hand. Their individual dedication to the team will ensure survival and success. In a team environment they’re likely to want to work alone, which may appear non-productive for team continuity. However, when championed correctly can become a powerhouse of strength to achieve team goals.


People who are especially talented in the Knowledge talent understand the value of information. They have an insatiable appetite for information and desire to acquire knowledge about all aspects within a team and business environment. They constantly search form new data to solve problems and succeed in different environments. They are obsessed with the business and collect enormous amounts of information relating to it. They store information like a library preparing for future projects and goals.  In a team environment they’re likely to encourage disruption to innovation and assist in gaining a competitive advantage in a market. With their vast understanding of all aspect within the business they may help the team meet customers constant changing expectations.


People who are especially talented in the Profitability talent combine acute business instincts with a fascination of generating revenue. They have the natural talent to analyse data and form unique insights for the betterment of the team. Ultimately, they evaluate decision through the lens of profitability. They establish clear financial goals and measure progress through the use of data, formulating unique insights from the data other team members may have missed. In a team environment they’re likely to encourage the team to run more efficiently resulting in higher profitability and financial goal success. A compelling strength is to plan growth strategies to achieve this success. 


People who are especially talented in the Relationship talent have strong interpersonal skills which allow them to build a robust and diverse personal network. The who is the glue! They often are the ones would bring a team together. They rely on relationships to access resources and information essential to a team. They are highly socially aware and attract and maintain partnerships. They share experiences, exchange ideas and create new contacts inside and outside of their environment. They have a robust, diversified network which they use effectively to help their team succeed and achieve their goals. In a team environment they’re likely to generate trust within a team and emotionally engage with them. They can extract vital information from their networks offering a great chance of success.


People who are especially talented in the Risk talent embrace challenges with enthusiasm. They are generally strong charismatic and confident. They focus on the rewards of success rather then any chance of potential failure. They emotionally connect with teammates and customers and often exceed their expectations. They are comfortable with ambiguity and have a highly optimistic perception of risk. They take an analytical approach to challenging decisions by meticulously gathering information and calculating the odds of success before taking action. They tend remove the risk from risk, which may appear to others still as a risk as they do not have the same information. In a team environment they’re likely to be the ones pushing for new initiatives. They can help a team take advantage of gaps in the market through opportunity recognition and innovation.


People who are especially talented in the Selling talent speak boldly on behalf of a team and organisation. They consistently communicate a clear vision of their business to customers and team mates. They are often great sales people with an ability to form deep relationships and inspire others to follow. They often use story to promote ideas, products and services. They are excellent communicators and incredibly persuasive. In a team environment they’re likely to secure financial resources to achieve goals. They promote engagement within the team and help create long-term relationships.

These are the ten building talents according to Gallup. As you can see we all have these talents, just some are more dominant then others. It should also be considered that because you have one of these talent down low, does not mean you cannot perform. For example, if you had Selling come in at number ten, does not mean you cannot sell something.  We all have the capacity as individuals to develop all ten talents, however it will be obvious we are more energised when using our top three or four. In a team environment it is much more effective to assign tasks according to each others talents.

If you feel the BP10 will benefit you and your team please contact us for more information about our programs.

*Reference to Gallup®, Gallup BP10 resources and the BP10 Methodology Report 2017.

*Disclaimer – The CYCSPA and Focus On Your Strengths concepts are entirely developed by Choose Your Chapter and are NOT products of Gallup®, Inc nor the Clifton StrengthsFinder ®. We would like to acknowledge Gallup and the CSF for their data and research tool which allows us to help spread the word to focus on our strengths. Clifton StrengthsFinder ® and StrengthsFinder ® and each of the Clifton StrengthsFinder theme names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. Choose Your Chapter are not affiliated with Gallup, Inc or its subsidiaries.

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