Destination Unstoppable

And help them be better student-athletes, but even going forward, be better parents, you know better college students, and ahh, just better people in the world

Coach  Andrew Weidenbach

What a quote from American Varsity Coach Weidenbach after Maureen Monte implemented a strengths-based program into the state champion ice hockey team. The results speak for themselves.

The Strengths Movement is not simply about sports, it’s a way of life. A paradigm shift to truly focus on being a unique individual and embracing your unique qualities. Developing champion team partnerships by focusing on individual talents.

A champion team will always outdo a team of champions.

Here’s a little video based on the writings of Maureen Monte and the story of this great effort, Destination Unstoppable. Enjoy.

You can find Destination Unstoppable by Maureen Monte here:

Performing at your best is easier than you may think. When you consciously apply knowledge and skills to your talent, you develop your Strengths and success follows.

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