Silver Package – The Sporting Mind

Having the mental edge is about being able to think just enough to be mindful but not so much that your mind’s full!

Seth M. Quealy

Successful athletes tend to devote themselves to the sport they love. Often putting their body through continuous strain and torment. Pushing limits, special dietary requirements, early mornings, rigorous workouts, endless laps, endless fitness tests.

They strive for peak performance, they demand their bodies be in tip-top shape…

But what about your mind?
What about your emotions?

How do you manage your thoughts, in good times and not so good?

How do you manage your emotions, when your winning and even when your not?

Obviously, we have our coaches to help with our physical attributes, but rarely have we coached around how we think and feel. Mental health, depression and even suicide become realistic options for athletes of all stature.

Athletes succeed with talent and hard work.

Talent can be described as your natural patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior. How we think and feel proportionately affect how we act. Therefore should athletes be devoting just as much time to their mindset and emotions as they do their physical shape?

This is why every athlete wanting to succeed must learn to manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Whether you’re a teenager starting out, semi-pro trying to break into the big time or a highly successful professional, perhaps it’s time to develop your Sporting Mind. If you want to maximize your potential, then The Sporting Mind program is for you.

We have developed a six-week group coaching program to develop athletes talents into strengths. Using the Clifton StrengthsFinder® profiling tool, we identify an athlete’s unique combination of raw talents. So unique, there is a one in 33 million chance of someone having the same combination of talents. Understanding how an athlete thinks feels and behaves allows us to coach them to fine-tune their thoughts and manage their emotions. Thus maximizing their actions and results.

Strengthening the great to create near perfection.

For more information contact Danny on +61 412 136 062 or via email at or simply complete the contact form below.

The Sporting Mind

Duration: 6 weeks

One on One Private Sessions: 1×90 minute Strengths Profile Analysis Value$AUD495

Online Group Sessions: 3 x 60-minute Zoom meetings. Value $AUD285

Clifton StrengthsFinder® Top 5 Profiling tool results. Value $AUD30

Focus On Your Strengths Udemy Video Course. Value $AUD200

Unlimited Voxer Coaching – 24/7 (During program). Value $AUD72

Total Value Over $AUD1000

COST: $695

Early Bird Special – Pay up front and receive $100 off Only $595

Pay by Instalments – $195 upfront and $100 per week for 5 weeks. Call now for more information and to set up your payment plan.

*Disclaimer – These videos, programs and the Focus On Your Strengths course are entirely developed by Choose Your Chapter and are NOT products of Gallup nor the Clifton StrengthsFinder®. We would like to acknowledge Gallup and the CSF for their data and research tool which allows us to help spread the word to focus on our strengths. Clifton StrengthsFinder ® and StrengthsFinder ® and each of the Clifton StrengthsFinder theme names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. Choose Your Chapter are not affiliated with Gallup, Inc or its subsidiaries.

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