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Sarah Testimonial

Sarah Dena – Swindon, U.K.

I initially signed up for the Habits of Strengths live 10 week course to gain a greater awareness of my top strengths 1. Adaptability 2. Positivity 3. Communication 4. Activator 5.Maximizor.

It wasn’t long before I realised I was in for more than I initially anticipated. Not only did I gain a greater awareness of my strengths, I also successfully turned some unresourceful habits into successful habits that continue to support me on a daily basis within my personal and professional environment. Danny provided an open platform on a weekly basis for us to discuss our weekly progress in achieving our wildly important goals. The weekly content of the course was always fascinating and not one week did I not gain some amazing insights from business leaders, industry experts, Danny or the group itself. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their knowledge and understanding of their strengths to the next level. Thank you to Danny and the team for all your efforts.

Keri Little,  Fuji Xerox NZ

Nicole Robinson – Singleton NSW

“I have to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to Nicole for an amazing Strengths focused coaching session. Straight from the get-go I felt a warm connection with Nicole! She immediately laid a strong foundation for me to learn about the power of harnessing my strengths, putting together an easy to follow strategy. I feel so much clearer & lighter after receiving Nicole’s insightful & constructive input on how to develop greater intelligence revolving around my strengths! Thanks again Nicole”

Aris Parente


Dean McCormack – Break Free Life Coaching

“If you want a coach who will fearlessly challenge your perspectives, your self-defeating excuses and get you to step out of your status quo – have a chat to Danny.”

Vani – Sydney, Australia

Paragon Elite Owner – Tee-Jay Little

Paragon Elite Sales Manager – Symon Stephens

Jonathan Baldock (Sales) – Paragon Elite

Danny Crouch a million thanks.. well maybe 33 million ?best 90 mins I’ve spent in a very long time – really helped me clarify and confirm alignment around my personal brand and to identify where I can leverage strengths to execute outcomes. I am so excited about the next few months!

Daniella Mancuso

Ryan Thomas (Sales) – Paragon Elite

Wow Danny, your ability to grow  our ideas and show such vision to activate and connect them into reality and beyond is an amazing, mind blowing gift… maximum potential for maximum results. We have learnt so much and thanks for being there as a great friend.

Sue – Qld

Danny is an amazing human being and an outright genuine bloke. I have only praise for this man who, in my opinion, is an embodiment of altruism. He really cares about you and is always willing to go that extra mile to support and guide you on your journey to personal and professional development. I was fortunate enough to have been coached by Danny and have come out the experience with greater clarity about myself and what I want in life!

Larry, Sydney Psychologist

Rachel McCormack, Canberra

If you need a listening coach to help you live more, achieve more, feel more fulfillment, there are many coaches selling their programs (and I bought into them and dont feel the personalised touch) but from the little I have had the opportunity to work with Danny it is the way you wanna go in case you really want someone that will go extra mile personally for you… gives 2x than he receives… be cautious though very down to earth you either love him or hate him =D (jokes…” psst not really”)either way you win going through your journey… and hey you are responsible for your own feelings so if love or hate its on you 😉

Marek, Facebook Marketing Expert

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