The Go-Giver

The little story about a powerful business idea.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso, Artistic Gift Giver

Unfortunately, we live in a society that often becomes overshadowed with greed. And I’ll be the first to admit, I adhered to these traits for years, especially coming from the sales industry and having mentors who believed in being real “Go-Getters”.
Until you really understand what it means to give, you cannot begin to appreciate how much more inspiring it is to actually become a “Go-Giver”.
This “little story” comes highly recommended from so many fortunate people to have crossed its path and we are so fortunate to have been one of them. We believe this type of story is known as a parable. It offers every unique reader a different experience, a different learning experience, a different life experience.
The story explains the five laws of stratospheric success…
  • Value
  • Compensation
  • Authenticity
  • Influence
  • Receptivity

The constant value is learning about how to change from constantly ‘getting’ to always ‘giving’.

The need to move from an ‘I’ or a ‘me’ focus to an ‘others’ focus is one of the most profitable things anyone can ever do. We only aspire to want to make it all about you.

Money is only an echo to Value… can you hear the echo?

The ‘Go-Giver’ is truly a powerful life idea.

If you haven’t already done so, this little story is definitely worth a read. And if you’ve read it before, why not go back and read it again. Actually, the following video has inspired me to do just that. Trust it will change your life…

How awesome is that and yes we have asked permission to use this video from the actual Go-Giver website, well worth a visit.

Now if you enjoyed listening to this promo, we recommend you may want to purchase the book to read…visually.  Please appreciate these following links are affiliate links and Choose Your Chapter will receive a small commission from you purchasing this book. So thank you if you do decide to purchase a copy as these proceeds go toward us being able to deliver our programs to students across the country for as little as $1per month.

After watching, you may have already guessed we will give the opportunity to start with Apple:

You may go to Amazon for Android:

You know there are some amazing ‘givers’ in this world and none bigger than the people within the Go-Giver community. As we do here at CYC, we always ask permission to borrow/use content, IP etc so we contact the Go-Giver team in the United States. Within approximately 20 minutes we received a reply, thanking us for our kind review and immense gratitude for taking the time to write this page. We were humbled, we were simply asking for permission!

Anyway, the person that contacted us from Go-Giver International put us in touch with the Australian certified Go-Giver coach for us to reach out and connect with. To our surprise, he reached out and contacted us too within 5 minutes of receiving the initial email.

Does the buck stop here… absolutely not! Just when we thought,

“Wow, what an awesome feeling to be contacted by Go-Giver International, that’s really made our day…”

It got even better, we woke to find this in our email box at 4 am in the morning…

The Go Giver email from Bob Burg

Yep, your reading is correct, an email from the actual author Bob Burg.

Now, how’s that for giving?