Why Choose Dan?

Danny was born to be a coach.

He believes every individual is unique and has the right to develop the skills and talents with which they were born.

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Driven to Coach

Danny grew up on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. A sports fanatic, trialing his hand at soccer, cricket, basketball, golf, rugby league and rugby union, he never hit the heights of stardom, nor ever looked like becoming a professional sportsman. However, at a young age found a passion in developing the potential in others on and off the sporting field.

In serving others so they feel significant, he offers the tools that encourage happiness and give value to people’s lives. Why, so they may experience success and fulfillment. When you are happy and fulfilled, it replicates in your relationships with teammates, friends, family and most importantly, yourself.

After retiring from rugby league and cricket in his late twenties Danny experienced a loss he had never felt before. An emptiness which he couldn’t quite comprehend. For the previous 20 odd years, he had belonged to a tribe, a team, a second family. Unlike his parents and siblings, these tribes were not expected to love him, they did so because of the camaraderie found on the sporting field.

Danny spent the next 10 years looking to fill that void. Drifting in and out of depression. Consistently feeling like a failure. Changing job to job, failing business idea after business idea. With no kids of his own, life was left meaningless. That is until he was introduced to strengths coaching.

Dan explains, “My Strengths coach helped me understand my strengths. She showed me how I could become comfortable with being me. I was given a language to describe myself and explain what made me great. I spent a lot of my 20’s and 30’s believing I was defined by the sport I played and the teammates I hung around. We finished playing and they all went off and got married, had kids and had careers to fall back on. I felt like I had nothing, I felt like a failure.

I found strengths coaching and it gave me a reason to battle through my depression. My mission is to ensure others don’t go through the same emotional and psychological cycles I went through.”

Danny is our CEO. He is a qualified coach, mentor, trainer, and assessor in business, management and leadership. Dan also creates and delivers his own programs and packages. Primarily focused on your individual strengths, Dan’s coaching and mentoring offers skills and strategies for understanding and communicating;

  • with retired athletes seeking purpose and clarity
  • business owners wanting to build their business successfully
  • couples and partners wanting to improve their relationships
  • students wanting to better their grades
  • individuals wanting to overcome depression and anxiety

Dan has a passion for golf and rugby league and how the games tend to manifest in your mindset. This passion flows into all sports and helping as many athletes achieve the happiness and wellbeing they deserve outside of sport.

We assist you in executing your talents. We nurture your strengths, whilst surrounding you with complimentary partnerships.

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