Start with Why

Do you start with your WHY?

Now, where do we find this information? You know we love TED talks as they are such great sources of information and learning. We were introduced to Simon Sinek and his theories on ‘Start with the WHY’.

Sit back and take pleasure in watching and listening. (most of it is listening, however, he does provide a few diagrams, so it pays to watch it at least once). If you like what you see, there are links to purchase the book from Apple or Amazon below. Enjoy…

Most discussions with people or advertising and marketing within businesses start with the what

“What do you do for a living?” or “What is your product?”

Occasionally they start with the how

“How do you go about doing that?”

Rarely, do they start with their why

and you already know our why, or do you? Let’s refresh your memory…

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we believe we know how it feels to want to build your own business – to create, to lead, to inspire.

As educators we believe; if every day you learn 2 listen twice as much as yesterday, chances are, you’ll love to listen twice as much tomorrow.

As coaches, we believe in serving others so they feel significant. We give value to people’s lives and those around them, whether they be family, friends or simply strangers in the street.

Now if you enjoyed listening to Simon, we recommend you may want to purchase the book to read…visually.  Please appreciate these following links are affiliate links and Choose Your Chapter will receive a small commission from you purchasing this book. So thank you if you do decide to purchase a copy as these proceeds go toward us being able to deliver our programs to students across the country for as little as $1per month.

After watching, you may have already guessed Simon may start with Apple:

You may go to Amazon for Android:

Or you could always take it to the next level and listen to Why while you read. To strengthen your learning skills we actually recommend reading on a double, actually triple level. This way you may actually strengthen all three learning modalities… your visual, your auditory and your kinaesthetic modalities (VAK). Therefore, you purchase the hard copy of the book, or an eBook version, then the audio book. This way you listen to the book while you’re actually, physically reading it. Then to top it off, we recommend you have something in your hands to feel, it may simply be the book, or you warm up before reading by focusing on your feelings or recognize, in detail, the climate or environment you’re in.

Then, if you want to take it to an even higher level, you can speed up your audio book to twice the speed and really begin to heighten your reading skills. So check out the audio version here:

Remember our Why… because we believe every child across the globe should have the opportunity to discover their own Why.

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