Platinum Package – Build Your Own Business

If you don’t want to study, or get a regular job, perhaps you would like to Build Your Own Business!

“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.”

Dee Hock

Are you coming to the end of your professional sporting career and not sure what to do next? Can you imagine life after sport? Will you fit in, will other people understand what and where you have been, will you be accepted by mainstream society…

Chances are, you devoted your teenage years and into your twenty’s and thirties to your sport. It’s likely your studies suffered. Besides, haven’t you been told for years, you have to commit 110% to your sport?

Have you ever had a regular job? Where would you start looking for one of those? What skills do you have other than contributing to your sport.

Is studying an option – at school or uni.

Regardless whether you’re starting out as a junior athlete, half way through your career, or even entering retirement, perhaps it’s time to be your own boss and Build Your Own Business.

Have you got a business idea and just not know where to start; or do you fear you’re unemployable, or do you simply feel like running your own business? Well our Platinum Package – Build Your Own Business is just the right program for you.

Danny, our head business coach and trainer has over 20 years experience being self-employed in his own businesses and is an expert in business coaching and training – training 1000s of business students and coached over 100 start-up businesses. He personally delivers this 12 month program which is designed to accommodate athletes wanting to start their own business. Danny will help articulate your ideas and develop them into a viable business. Together you will write a business plan focusing on your strengths and business model to create a pathway to your success.

You will then work closely with Danny one on one and in small groups of like-minded athletes also starting out in business.

This program is designed for athletes wanting to start their own business.

We know and understand athletes, like yourself, may have anchors around returning to a classroom environment, especially with academics who have not experienced a similar upbringing to you. You will be starting out in business with other athletes, just like you.

Even if you don’t have a business idea, or know which business to start – this is one of Danny’s specialities, identifying which business would best suit you and your strengths.

Sounds interesting and want to find out more? Contact us today or read below for more information


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Program Outline

Weeks 1 – 8: working one on one with Danny, together you will deep dive into your individual talents. Developing talent to strength to lay a platform for your business ideas. Throughout these initial months you will complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder®, Focus On Your Strengths Udemy Course and the Captains Challenge Leadership Program preparing you for your business plan.

Weeks 8 -12: Together with Danny and a group of other athletes you will write your own business plan. Over a three week period you will attend a classroom environment in SEQld. In week 12 you will then have the opportunity to finalise your business plan one on one with Danny.

Weeks 13 – 52: Each fortnight you will receive a 45 minute coaching and mentoring session with Danny, one on one. These may be held in person, online or over the phone. Online is preferred with the Zoom Meeting platform to allow you the freedom to conduct the session where you wish. Each quarter (13 weeks) you will have access to a full day business workshop for all business owners in the program. There will be guest speakers, activities, networking, tips and tricks and plenty more.


While completing your business plan we will cover all units included in a Certificate IV in New Small Business. You may be eligible to complete this qualification upon submission of your business plan in week 12 as part of the program (Conditions apply). You may also be eligible for funding under the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (Conditions apply), where you will be paid to start your own business. If you would like more information and to find out if you’re eligible email

The Certificate IV in New Small Business aligns very closely to the structure of your business plan. The units cover:


Business Law

The rules and regulations you need to know to start a business in Australia legally.




Marketing and Small Business Planning

With over 7 billion people in the world, who are you going to sell your products and services to and how?




Financial Planning

Although it’s not all about the money, knowing about your money is imperative to your success as a viable business.




Human Resources

The who is the glue. Your people will be the backbone of your success, whether they are staff, family or a support network.




Operational Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You need a road map to know where you’re going.




Upon submission of your completed business plan, which will cover these units, you may have the option to complete the certification online.


Platinum Package price includes GST, coaching, mentoring, workshops, 3 weeks training. If you are eligible, it may include the Certificate IV in New Small Business and over $10,000 in funding – so it may pay for itself. The price does not include accommodation in SEQld during training and workshops. Payment arrangements can also be made through AfterPay.

If you live outside of SEQld you may choose to Get-Away for the three weeks training to write your business plan. The Platinum Package Get-Away price includes GST, coaching, mentoring, workshops, 3 weeks training. If you are eligible, it may include the Certificate IV in New Small Business and over $10,000 in funding – so it may pay for itself. The price also includes accommodation in SEQld during the three weeks training to complete your business plan. Accommodation for workshops is not included, however discounts will apply and group bookings will be made throughout the program. Payment arrangements can also be made through AfterPay.

Simple to decide which option is for you, or would you prefer more information on these programs? Fill in your details below and one of our team will contact you very soon. We will customise a package to meet the specific needs of your business. (NOTE: packages may vary according to business location and specific requirements)

*Disclaimer – The CYCSPA and Focus On Your Strengths concepts are entirely developed by Choose Your Chapter and are NOT products of Gallup®, Inc nor the Clifton StrengthsFinder ®. We would like to acknowledge Gallup and the CSF for their data and research tool which allows us to help spread the word to focus on our strengths. Clifton StrengthsFinder ® and StrengthsFinder ® and each of the Clifton StrengthsFinder theme names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. Choose Your Chapter are not affiliated with Gallup, Inc or its subsidiaries.

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