Allowing your Ideation talent to play can open a world of creativity and fun. Knowing your top 5 talents according to the Clifton StrengthFinder® enables you to play with excellence. I found this out making the following short 22sec video. Rummaging through stock videos and enjoying the technology of iMovie let the Ideation talent run free.

It was inspiring.

If you want to learn about your top 5 talents we have a special on which include a Clifton StrengthFinder® access code and our Focus On Your Strengths Udemy course. Simply click here. Once you receive your top 5 results you can then learn and develop them from over 30 strengths coaches from around the world by completing the course. As a strengths coach I realised you can learn all the theory behind each of the 34 talent themes, however can never truly understand what it feels like to have every talent in your top 5. So I went and interviewed coaches from all around the world who had a particular strength in their top 5. We then turned those interviews into an online course. The course and code normally retail for $US220, so take advantage of this great offer now with our starter pack.

*Disclaimer – The CYC and Focus On Your Strengths concepts are entirely developed by Choose Your Chapter and are NOT products of Gallup®, Inc nor the Clifton StrengthsFinder ®. We would like to acknowledge Gallup and the CSF for their data and research tool which allows us to help spread the word to focus on our strengths. Clifton StrengthsFinder ® and StrengthsFinder ® and each of the Clifton StrengthsFinder theme names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. Choose Your Chapter are not affiliated with Gallup, Inc or its subsidiaries.

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