Strengthen Your Team

“A champion team will always outrank a team of champions…”  Coach

Creating a Culture of Teamwork, Engagement & High Performance

We thrive in situations where we feel secure, valued and appreciated. Research suggests there is a direct reciprocal relationship between team engagement and wellbeing.

What if your sporting organization could create a culture of excellence simply by focusing on what players and SportsTeamsmanagement did to excel, rather than worrying about where they didn’t? Even better, what if this was a relatively simple process. Rather than breaking habits, you build success.

Your players are unique and they appreciate being recognized for their uniqueness. However, they also want to be part of the team. When they are recognized for what they do well, they feel energized. But, when they are forced out of position or obliged to be someone they’re not, they struggle. They feel tired, stressed and demoralized.

You may have heard it’s important to find your purpose. Discover your passion and live it. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy. We live in communities, we work with others. We’re not free to do anything we want and we can’t be anything we want. But we CAN be the BEST VERSION of OURSELVES.

We offer purpose-driven programs based on scientific research by leading companies such as Gallup.

Did you know;

  • Strengths-based teams are 6 times more likely to be engaged
  • Staff and team members with friends are 7 times happier
  • Teams who implement strength-based strategies receive a 240% increase in productivity

Your team and each person on it can celebrate who they are. You can recognize the individual talents of each team member. As knowledge and skills are applied to those talents, your team can build strength. The key is to understand and appreciate ‘who we are’ rather than ‘who we are not’.

Strengthen Your Team is a program of workshops, seminars and focus sessions. We use tools developed by leading American researcher Gallup to help individuals and teams identify innate patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior. These innate talents offer key codes to success.

Developing innate talent into mature strength builds confidence. Team members develop a language pattern that celebrates the achievement. Engaged team members understand their role within a team and inspire each other to perform as a determined, focused and energized unit.

Your team can experience less burnout, lower depression and higher levels of well-being. Imagine the positive impact on performance when each individual understands their role within the organisation.

Strengths Based Programs for Teams and Sporting Organisations

The Strengthen Your Team program includes a series of workshops, presentations, small group and one-to-one conversations. We help teams build upon the principles of positive psychology to create an environment that nurtures self-awareness, promotes self-efficacy and inspires engagement. This is a practical program for staff, players, coaches and managers.

Develop a culture of teamwork, engagement and high performance:

  • Build a cohesive team environment
  • Develop skills for effective communication and collaboration
  • Use a shared language for focusing on what is needed
  • Understand and appreciate own and each others talents
  • Initiate strategies for consistent, performance based achievement

A complete Strengthen Your Sports Organisation Program contains full day and half day workshops as well as small group and one-to one sessions.

Program Objectives

  • Facilitate the development of a Strength based team culture that maximizes performance and nurtures wellbeing.
  • Support management, staff and players as they develop awareness, appreciation and application of their Signature Strengths
  • Provide tangible tools and strategies to increase whole organisational engagement through communication, self-efficacy and personal responsibility.
  • Promote awareness of self and others through developing shared Strengths language and understanding of talent themes.

olympic_110003335-012814-intIncludes the following components;

  • Clifton Strengths Finder access codes (management, staff and players)
  • Strength Analysis for individuals
  • Strengthen the Team individual conversations for executives and management
  • Strengthen the Team focus group conversations for executives and management
  • Awaken Your Strengths presentation for all players and staff
  • Focus Your Strengths workshop players and staff
  • Deliver Your Strengths workshop management


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