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Choose Your Chapter is Australia’s Leading Personal Development Provider.


It is our mission to create, lead, and inspire.


We help you find recognition as an individual and to live your best life.


This is who we are.


As entrepreneurs and business owners, we understand how it feels to build your business – to strive for greatness. After all as professional athletes, you are your business. Yes, you have managers, trainers, and coaches, but where will they be when your career is all over?

As educators, we appreciate the importance of continuous improvement and value personal and professional development.

As coaches, we believe in serving others. We want to give value to people’s lives so they may give value to those around them.


Why: Recognition of Individuals Within a System

We want to help you create, lead and inspire. We’ve made it our mission to help athletes find recognition as individuals who play an integral part within a wider system. We can show you how to create a culture of excellence and nurture an environment where people feel valued for who they are and what they offer outside the world of sport.

You simply begin by focusing on your strengths.

You see, the keys to success are inside you. We all have unique talents. Talents that operate as a lens through which to view the world. These are your natural patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior. When these talents are nurtured into strengths, you build habits of success. Studies by leading research companies such as Gallup have shown;

  • “People who learn to use their strengths every day have 7.8% GREATER productivity.”
  • “Teams who receive strengths feedback have 8.9% GREATER profitability.”

Why, because when people are happy and fulfilled, it replicates within relationships with customers, friends, and family.

  • “People who focus on their strengths are three TIMES as likely to report having an excellent quality of life and are six TIMES as likely to be engaged in what they do and why they do it.”

At Choose Your Chapter, we offer the opportunity to choose the next phase of your personal and professional development. Life after Sport. We provide the tools and skills to achieve your goals authentically and sustainably. We help athletes appreciate their unique strengths so they may become confident in their ability to communicate, collaborate, make choices and accept responsibility.


How: Focus on Your Strengths

We coach, mentor and guide sportsmen, women, and teams through a personal and professional paradigm shift.  This is a holistic process that identifies strengths and then focuses on excellence to transform the whole team. As individuals and teams recognize their innate strengths, they develop self-efficacy and language to improve overall wellbeing and mindset.

Rather than highlighting weakness, we magnify strengths. We use the Clifton StrengthFinder to help individuals identify, acknowledge and embrace their unique talents. As individuals gather the language, skills, and confidence to direct raw talent into mature strength, they learn how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors benefit life outside of the game. This disrupts toxicity and minimizes relational conflict. Focusing on Strengths creates a culture of engagement.


What: Personal and Professional Development

We offer communication and behavioral solutions. We provide tools and strategies to manage change, improve communication, build productive partnerships and develop replicable patterns of excellence.

  • Identification of team and individual talent using the Clifton StrengthFinder
  • Strategic planning for developing human behavior
  • Workshops for resourceful management of change, wellbeing, stress management and personal development
  • A professional team of coaches, mentors, and trainers who meet your unique organization, community or individual needs.

Professional athletes achieve success during their sporting careers because of the talents they have developed in the playing arena. Now it’s time to develop your innate patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior and apply them to succeed in life. Same principle, different strategies, and methods.

It’s time to choose the chapter of life you wish to choose.


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