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The World's Greatest Testimonial - Sarah Dena | Choose Your Chapter

Well according to me anyway. We all know how it feels to be appreciated and valued for what we bring. And when people offer a testimonial or words of praise it tends to be a sentence or two.

However, in this case, the testimonial was so detailed and lengthy we thought it best to write a complete blog post on it.

Thank you Sarah Dena, it is and has been an honor and a privilege to be known as your coach and mentor.

Sarah Testimonial

“I began working with Danny after I contributed to his online Strengths training course.

Danny has a natural talent in making what is good, great and through his Habits of Strengths program I found the focus, discipline, and measures that I needed to create and commit to, consistently, if I was going to make a success of my own coaching business.

I had spent 15 years working in the technology sector, most recently for IBM. I know about process and procedure. And I’m an expert in my field which determines to product and services I want to provide through my business. But, a bit like parenting, no one can actually prepare you for the overwhelming challenge of becoming self-employed and being able to make money from your products and services.

The Habits of Strengths program helped me to get clear on why I am in business for myself, what goals are going to help me achieve the why, what measures I need to put in place to manage my time, and how to maximise the time so that I am consistently successful. The group program provides an accountability framework too, which for me, coming from a job where I had lots of people to connect with and get help or encouragement from was extremely valuable.

Danny has an energy that inspires action, growth, and belief in you and your successful business.”

Sarah Dena

Swinden UK

Sarah was part of the 2nd ever Habits of Strengths Program which started back in early 2017. It was and still is inspiring to watch strategies executed in a way which creates individual and team success. We have regular programs commencing every school term, simply click on the link, email us at info@chooseyourchapter.com.au or complete your details below.