Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.”

C. S. Lewis

Moving forward for most of us may be a daunting thought, especially with the massively high rates of unemployment. The world will be different, we will be different. A question I have pondered is how successful working from home may prove? Will there be an option to reduce office hours? Will the need for office space reduce? How will that effect commercial property owners, how will that effect productivity of employees. Or may working home actually increase productivity, improve work/life balance, reduce stress and mental health issues. Or is it the human connection that is needed in the work environment which keeps people happy and healthy?

What is the new beginning going to look like?

Personally, I’ve craved human interaction. Even though as an entrepreneur and self-employed business owner working from home, the inability to simply go out an meet people socially has upset the working balance. I have constantly had to look for ways to feed my interests to stay sane, Tapping into my strengths has been the key to surviving.

As a #1 Maximiser constantly searching for excellence and improvement I have been able to revisit old projects and find ways to improve them. Best example being our Focus On Your Strengths guide books. We published them on iTunes years ago and at the time they had an exclusivity deal and we couldn’t publish on other platforms. Considering they had such a small share of the eBook market, there may have been better options. Regardless, the exclusivity shifted a while back and for such a long time there were plans to revamp them. However, Maximiser seemed to simply put it off. Not many people downloaded the books, thus questioning whether selling eBooks was a valuable use of my time.

This is where calling on my #4 Activator comes in to so much use. The ability to start again, a new beginning. The opportunity to look at the benefits of starting something, even if it is again. The consideration of the result can be repurposed and allow me to start something I may have previously put off. The purpose became about improving the books (Maximiser loves) and the ability to read about all 34 talent themes once again. While reading through each of the books I was brought back to the interviews with each of the strengths coaches, allow my #2 Connectedness to feed. Even though I was not talking with each of them, the memory of the conversations were very gratifying. The ideas (#3 Ideation) were flowing, remembering all the strengths concepts and programs we had planned in the past. Rehashing plans to reactivate once the COVID restrictions are lifted. Plans for the future (#5 Futuristic).

All because the choice was made to revise the books and publish them on Amazon. Thank you once again to my Activator. Even though my executing talents don’t eventuate until 17 out of 34, I rely heavily on Activator to execute. How do you execute, how do you get things started? We are going to need to find ways to bounce back after COVID, we are going to need to find new beginnings. If you have Activator in your top 5 you may find it easier than some. If not which strength can you use to get moving again?

Here’s where you can find the How To Activate Success guide book, one for each of the 34 talent themes. If you want to dive into all 34 you may find How to Reduce Stress and Create Success more useful. Simply click on the links or image below. We’d love to read about how you enjoy the books so either email us at or leave a review at Amazon.

And remember, Focus On Your Strengths.