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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Engage me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Creating a Culture of Hope, Engagement & Wellbeing

Students thrive in situations where they feel secure, valued and appreciated. Gallup research suggests students are engaged when they feel understood by their teachers. Teachers are more likely to be engaged when they feel appreciated by the school. Schools thrive when they recognize the talents of students and staff.  A school which performs at its peak is one which recognizes the direct reciprocal relationship between learning outcomes and wellbeing.

School friendsWhat if your school could create a culture of excellence simply by focusing on what students and staff did well, rather than worrying about what they did wrong? Even better, what if this was relatively simple because there were no new processes to learn or habits to break. You simply build upon natural patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior.

Our programs are developed from evidence-based research. Did you know that in Australia;

  • 37% of students feel stuck
  • 36% are struggling in terms of well-being
  • 27% are disengaged and 13% are actively disengaged

(Gallup Student Poll, Australia, 2015)

What if your school did better? When talent based positive psychology programs are implemented in an education setting, students experience higher levels of engagement, hope and well being

Strengthen Your Future is a program of workshops, seminars and focus sessions. The unique benefit of our programs is the use of StrengthsQuest. This research-based assessment tool is supported by more than 70 years of scientific study by leading American researcher Gallup. It has been used successfully in many learning intuitions in America. Unlike other profiling tools that suggest ‘who’ a person is, StrengthsQuest explores ‘how’ a person can use their innate talents to achieve a specific outcome.

We help individuals identify their unique thought, emotional and behavioral patterns and then use those patterns to develop self-efficacy, effective communication and collaborative relationships.

This is positive psychology applied intentionally because it works with what is already inside us.  Accessing your unique talents provides strategies to focus on performance. This means you’ll understand what you do well and how you can replicate that success in other areas of your life.

Developing innate talent into mature strength builds confidence. It feels natural. It allows a person to participate in a journey of self-discovery and recognize their place in a wider system.

Strengths Based Programs for Schools

Smart studentThe Strengthen Your Future program includes a series of workshops, presentations, small group and one-to-one conversations. We help schools build upon the principles of positive psychology to create an environment that nurtures self-awareness, promotes self-efficacy and inspires engagement. This is a practical program for staff and students.


Develop a culture of hope, engagement, and wellbeing:

  • Build a cohesive team environment
  • Develop skills for effective communication and collaboration
  • Use a shared language to focus on what is wanted
  • Understand and appreciate own and each other’s talents
  • Initiate strategies for consistent, performance-based achievement

A complete Strengthen Your Future Program contains full day and half day workshops as well as small group and one-to-one sessions.

Program Objectives

  • Facilitate the development of a Strength-based school culture that maximizes performance and nurtures well-being.
  • Support executive, staff, and students as they develop awareness, appreciation and application of their Signature Strengths
  • Provide tangible tools and strategies to increase whole school engagement through communication, self-efficacy and personal responsibility.
  • Promote awareness of self and others through developing shared Strengths language and understanding of talent themes.

Includes the following components;

  • StrengthsQuest access codes
  • Strength Analysis for individual staff
  • Strengthen the Team individual conversations for executive staff
  • Strengthen the Team focus group conversations with executive staff
  • Awaken Your Strengths presentation for all staff
  • Awaken Your Strengths presentation for student cohorts
  • Focus Your Strengths workshop for staff
  • Deliver Your Strengths workshop for staff


Nicole understands school culture and systems. With more than fifteen years of experience as a Secondary School English Teacher and six years of meditation practice and teaching, Nicole Feledy has extensive expertise in the areas of literacy, leadership, and wellbeing. She is a certified Gallup’s Strengths Coach and a qualified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher.

She’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how we could support your school’s journey toward personal and professional growth.

Please contact Nicole to discuss your requirements 


m: 0425 209 008

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